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Mictuning Rock Lights: (Top rated 2023)

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INTRODUCTION (Mictuning Rock Lights)

Transform your UTV into a mesmerizing light show with Mictuning Rock Lights. These stunning rock lights offer an array of features, including RGB 16 million colors, Bluetooth control, timing function, and music mode. Whether you want to illuminate your vehicle, create an ambient atmosphere, or set the mood for a party, the Mictuning Rock Lights is your ultimate companion. Let’s dive deeper into the remarkable features and benefits of this must-have product.

Mictuning Rock Lights

  • Freaking Amazing Rock Lights: The Mictuning Rock Lights boasts an impressive range of features. With its RGB 16 million colors, timing function, music mode, and Bluetooth control, these lights can be used not only on vehicles but also for interior lighting, neon light LED, dome light, yacht light, and more. They are the perfect choice for music parties, dancing events, film festivals, and night racing festivals. The Mictuning Rock Lights truly brings the “wow” factor to any occasion.
  • Marvelous Sparkling Like Your Sunshine: Powered by a DC 12V-24V input voltage and 2A x 3pcs Cree chip output power, the Mictuning Rock Lights deliver an incredible brightness of 500 Lumens. With a total brightness rating of 8 grades, these lights exceed expectations and provide an exceptional illumination experience. You can easily control the brightness using your mobile phone via Bluetooth, allowing for precise adjustments to suit your preferences.
  • DIY Personalized Dynamic/Static Scenes: Unleash your creativity with the Mictuning Rock Lights 15 pre-set scenarios. After installing the LED BLE App, you can customize the change speed, brightness, and stroboscopic speed of the rock lights. Create dynamic or static scenes that match your mood, and watch as the LEDs bring your designs to life. Whether you prefer fast-changing patterns or a slower, rhythmic ambiance, these lights will cater to your every preference.
  • Tailor Your Own Music Affair: With the Music Mode feature, the Mictuning Rock Lights allows you to control your own music playlist while immersing yourself in captivating lighting effects. Whether you’re cruising through the wilderness or hosting a party, the synchronized lighting and music experience will transport you to a whole new level of entertainment. Indulge in a personalized sensory adventure like never before.
  • Indestructible Lighting Kit: Durability is paramount, and the Mictuning Rock Lights delivers on that front. With CE certification and an IP68 waterproof rating, these lights are built to withstand the harshest conditions. Crafted with solid aluminum construction and toughed glass, they are highly resistant to impacts, ensuring long-lasting performance. The superior quality cords, measuring 135.8 inches in length, provide flexibility for various applications, making the possibilities truly endless.
  • PURE COLOR: Unlike other rock lights, the Mictuning C1 RGBW features advanced LED technology that delivers pure colors, including separate pure white light. Download the “LED BLE” app and effortlessly customize your favorite colors to suit your preferences. Say goodbye to mottled colors and embrace a vibrant lighting experience.
  • Bluetooth Controller: The Mictuning Rock Lights is equipped with an advanced Bluetooth chip from Broadcom, ensuring a stable and quick connection. This eliminates any concerns about an unstable Bluetooth connection and allows for seamless control of up to 8 sets of 4pcs or 8pcs rock lights simultaneously. Effortlessly manage your lighting setup for the ultimate convenience.
  • MagicLink APP: Use the MagicLink APP to manage every aspect of your lighting experience. You can adjust light color, brightness, and different modes with the help of this sophisticated LED control software, which supports RGBW lighting control. The app offers countless opportunities to design the ideal lighting ambiance thanks to built-in modes, DIY customization, and even a microphone feature.
  • Durable Construction: The Mictuning Rock Lights is built to last. Its aircraft aluminum housing ensures excellent heat dissipation, enhancing the longevity of the premium LED lights. With an IP68 waterproof and dust-proof rating, these lights are well-suited for outdoor adventures. Experience up to 50,000 hours of reliable performance and enjoy countless memorable moments with the Mictuning Rock Lights.
  • Size: Featuring an 11.5ft extendable wire, the Mictuning Rock Lights offers easy installation. The ample wiring length provides flexibility, allowing you to position the lights exactly where you want them. Compared to other kits with shorter wiring harnesses, the Mictuning Rock Lights gives you the freedom to customize your lighting setup without limitations.


Illuminate your UTV and elevate your adventures with the Mictuning Rock Lights. With its incredible features, exceptional brightness, personalized scenes, and music synchronization capabilities, this rock light kit will revolutionize your UTV experience. Enjoy the durability, convenience, and endless possibilities that the UTV Lovers rock light kit brings. Unleash your creativity and embark on unforgettable journeys with the Mictuning Rock Lights today.

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