Enhance Your Driving Experience with the 1.6″-2″ Rear View Center Mirror with Bluetooth

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 Enhance Your Driving Experience with the

Best 1.6″-2″ Rear View Center Mirror with Bluetooth


With the cutting-edge 1.6″-2″ Rear View Center Mirror with Bluetooth, you can modernize the interior of your car. In addition to Bluetooth app control, RGB lighting, and a sturdy, large mirror design, this cutting-edge mirror offers a number of additional features. This mirror is the ideal addition whether you’re trying to increase the functionality of your car or add some style.



  • Convenient control
  • Personalized ambiance
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Safety features
  • Practical reading light
  • Secure installation


  • Limited compatibility with specific bar sizes
  • Bluetooth connectivity limitations
  • Learning curve






  • Controlled by Bluetooth App and Remote Control : Experience ultimate control and customization with the Bluetooth app and remote control functionality of this mirror. Using the Bluetooth app, you can effortlessly choose from a variety of RGB light color modes, allowing you to personalize your vehicle’s interior to match your mood. Create your own favorite colors and easily control the use and display of the mirror, showcasing your unique personality on the road.
  • Bottom Reading Light Design : A useful bottom reading light design is included in the mirror’s impressive RGB lighting features . You can find and read items , while driving thanks to this feature. A small range of lighting is provided by the built-in reading light , which is convenient and improves safety when traveling at night.
  • Large Mirror & Explosion-proof Design :The 1.6″-2″ Rear View Center Mirror features a sizable mirror with a wide visual field to ensure the best visibility while driving. By preventing the lens from splashing around in the event of a collision and lowering  the possibility of scratches and injuries, its explosion-proof design also improves your safety.
  • Compatible with Windshield and Roof: The 1.6″-2″ Rear View Center Mirror’s adaptability is crucial. This product is appropriate for a variety of vehicle types because it is made to fit any vehicle with 1.6-2.0 inch universal round pipes. A secure and stable installation is guaranteed by the pipe clamp design of the mirror, which is compatible with windshield and roof surfaces.



Upgrade your driving experience with the feature-rich and stylish 1.6″-2″ Rear View Center Mirror with Bluetooth. Enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth app control, personalize your vehicle’s ambiance with RGB lighting, and ensure optimal visibility with its large mirror design. Compatible with a wide range of vehicles, this mirror is the perfect addition for both functionality and style. Make your mark on the road with the 1.6″-2″ Rear View Center Mirror with Bluetooth

User Reviews

Sarah L

This mirror is a true gem! The explosion-proof design gives me peace of mind while driving, and the Bluetooth app control makes it so easy to switch between different lighting modes. The mirror curvature is perfect, providing a clear reflection. I’m extremely satisfied with this purchase.

Megan W.

“I am amazed by the functionality and design of this rear view center mirror. The Bluetooth app control is intuitive and allows me to easily adjust the lighting to suit my preferences. The mirror’s large size provides a wide field of view, and the bottom reading light is a thoughtful addition. Overall, a fantastic product!” 

Daniel P

“I recently installed this mirror on my Kubota RTV X-series, and it has made a world of difference. The Bluetooth app control is user-friendly, and the lighting modes are impressive. The mirror’s durability and compatibility with different round tube sizes are standout features. I highly recommend this mirror to all RTV owners!” 


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